When I was a kid, I loved to read, I loved books with illustrations. I remember my first reading book in the first grade (it was in France) , the main characters of this book were a couple of siblings, the brother "Daniel" and his sister"Valerie", Both of them were exemplary children, helping theirs parents, the girl in the kitchen with her mother and the boy in the garden helping his father to cut wood or mowing grass. School books were not the only place to find this kind of perfect kids, "leisure" illustrated books were full of them too, from Fairy tales to comic books! If you were looking closer, you were able to notice a few details, most of the time, these characters were stupid, intolerant, cruel (with animals or with other kids) and lacking of imagination. They were just stereotypes, worse than imperfect real kids.

It's why "la petite Micheline/ the little micheline" is born from my imagination, she is a grown woman but she is very similar to these illustrated children. If you look at her, you see a very enthusiastic, happy , healthy, cheering person. Look at her closer...

What do you see?




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